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While using applications like Microsoft Outlook, users are likely to come across some glitches. Microsoft has listed some troubleshooting steps for most Outlook problems on its official website under the Outlook problems and help section. Unfortunately, many users are unaware of this facility. They would normally call an IT expert to troubleshoot minor issues with their Outlook application and end up paying some fee for the services they render. If you are patient enough to read this article and ready to execute some of the steps given here, you can fix most of the Outlook problems.


  • Oftentimes, the application many have just gone a little faulty and this may be the reason for the problem. A system restart might help. Before you restart your system, make sure that you have closed all the running applications.
  • Some antivirus programs prevent the functioning of Outlook during the time of scanning. Check whether the antivirus program is scanning the files in the background. If so, wait till the scanning is over and try to open your Outlook application. If any of the emails in the inbox of Outlook contains malware attachments, the antivirus programs would detect them and temporarily prevent you from accessing the application.
  • If the application still refuses to operate normally, recall the last date when you were able to operate the application without any problems and restore your machine to the particular date. For this, navigate to the Start menu on your desktop and select Search from the menu list. Type System Restore in the search field and press the OK button. Windows will prompt you to specify a date to restore the system to. Select a date and proceed by following the prompts from the System restore wizard.
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  • Oftentimes, Outlook problems are caused by Internet connectivity errors. Verify your internet connection. Launch your default web browser and try to load a new URL. If the page loads normally, it would indicate that you have an active internet connection. On the other hand, if the page loads taking more than the usual time, then there is something wrong with the internet connection and you can suspect it to be the reason for your Outlook problem. Contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to resolve the problem with your connection.

I hope this article was helpful to you for resolving some of the minor issues you might have come across in your favourite Outlook application. Visit the Outlook problems and help section on Microsoft’s Outlook help page and get familiar with the common Outlook problems and their troubleshooting steps.