How To Fix The Outlook 2007 Calendar

Outlook problems

Steps to fix Outlook 2007 calendar

Microsoft Outlook is an Email client that comes integrated with the Microsoft operating system. Along with email account services, it also has a calendar feature that lets you add calendar notifications and other calendar functions. Often it happens that the calendar stops functioning properly due to various reasons. It might not be easy to detect what caused it to stop working. Listed below are some guidelines to troubleshoot calendar issues with Microsoft Outlook 2007.

Fix manually

  • Open the Microsoft Outlook program.
  • Open the integrated Help feature by clicking on the “Help” button on the main toolbar. In the scroll down menu, select “Microsoft Outlook Help”. This opens the Microsoft Outlook help window.
  • Click the “Index” button for a list of all help topics sorted in alphabetical order.
  • Use the “Search” box to search for a specific help topic among the various topics available. You can enter the keyword “Calendar” to search for help topics on all Calendar issues.
  • Follow the steps provided in the help topic carefully to fix the issue.

Microsoft Support Center

  • Go to the Microsoft Support Center help page.
  • Browse through the various issues listed in the page and select one that is similar to yours.
  • You may also enter an Outlook problems query into the “search box” to see a list of help topics on the keyword that you entered.
  • You can enter the keyword “Calendar” in the search box.
  • Seek online assistance from the tech support center by clicking on the appropriate link.

Microsoft Answers Forum


Support for Microsoft Outlook problems and issues

  • Go to the Microsoft Answers Forums web page.
  • The forum lets Microsoft users post various queries as topics and seek assistance from the tech support staff or other forum users.
  • Search the forum for specific topics by entering your Outlook problems query in the search box.
  • Open the topic that suits your issue the best. Follow the instructions provided carefully. You may also reply to these topics for additional queries.
  • If no topics were found on the query, create a new topic by clicking on the “Ask a question” link on the top of the page. You will receive a notification when a user replies to your query.
  • Note that you need to register in the forum to be able to post queries.

You may synchronize your calendar items with an email account to prevent loss of data. Install an Antivirus program to prevent virus attacks.