Setting Up A Yahoo Mail Account In Outlook

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         Setting up account in Outlook

Outlook Express is a program developed by Microsoft, which helps in organizing mails & messages, and sorting out the contacts in a systematic manner. In addition, multiple email accounts can be accessed through a single inbox with the help of Outlook Express. Apart from these features, it can also guide you to access mails without an active internet connection. You just have to manage your email account with Outlook by setting up a POP account, which will directly store messages to the device.

If you have an account with Yahoo mail, enjoying its vast & free inbox space, and you are ready for more, set up your Yahoo mail account with Outlook Express. Follow the below given steps carefully to set your email account avoiding any Outlook problems.

Steps to follow

  • Start the Outlook Express program. Go to “Tools” menu, and click on “Accounts.”
  • Select “Mail” in the “Accounts” tab, and then click on “Add.” Go to “Mail” once again and start the “Internet Connection Wizard.” Enter your desired account name, your email account name with Yahoo mail in the required area, and select “Next” twice.

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  • Be sure that “POP3” is opted in the mail server dropdown box. To set up the POP server, enter “” against “Incoming Mail Server” and “” for the “Outgoing Mail Server”. Move on by selecting “Next.”
  • Enter your username and password in the required area. You can use the same username as for your Yahoo account, excluding the part in the end. Mark the check box against “Remember Password” and select “Next,” moving on to “Finish.”
  • Open “Accounts” tab in Outlook, highlight your newly created account, and select “Properties.”
  • Go to the “Servers” tab, and authenticate your account by opting for “My Server Requires Authentication. Select “Advance” and in the “Server Port Number” section, enter “465” as the port number for the STMP or Outgoing Mails, and “995” against incoming mail or POP3. Tick the check box against “This Server Requires a Secure Connection (SSL).”
  • Select “OK”, exit the “Properties” window and close the “Accounts” tab, to finish the setup procedure.

Sometimes though, the Internet Service Providers or Firewalls block the ports “465” and “995.” In such a situation, asking for technical support help is the better option to rectify the Outlook problems. Apart from being a free email service, Yahoo mail when combined with Outlook Express can surprise you with many other features.