Fixing The Outlook Issues On IPhone

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The Outlook problems on iPhone are not new. They have been there since the day Outlook made its entry on the iOS operating system for iPhones. Many users and techies have raised the concern that Microsoft, being the developer of Outlook, is not taking their responsibility to fix the Outlook issues on iPhones, seriously. Fortunately, I have come across a few steps, which I found useful to fix common Outlook issues on iPhone. It’s my pleasure to share those steps with you through this article.

The issue: iPhone does not update the Outlook calendar

  • Ensure that you have the most recent version of iTunes. To update iTunes, open iTunes and then choose Check for Updates.
  • Sync your iPhone with the PC by connecting it with the USB chord.
  • Open the Outlook Calendar on the iPhone after disconnecting it.
  • Check whether you are able to view the updated events in the Outlook application.
  • If the above steps didn’t work, go to the next step by verifying that the Message Class is set to IPM.Appointment in the Calendar events.
  • Launch the Outlook application in the PC and then view the properties of the Calendar event and verify whether the Message Class is set to IPM.Appointment or not in the calendar events.
  • Choose View followed by Currents Views and then, Events.
  • Go to the option named Fields and then press the option named ‘Select Available Fields From’.
  • This will launch the popup menu. Choose All Appointment Fields.
  • In the column titled Available Fields, locate and select Message Class. Click on the OK button twice to proceed. 

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  • Double-check once again that all Calendar events are set to IPM.Appontment.
  • If the issue persists even after setting all the Calendar events in the Message Class column to IPM.Appointment, remove any of the Outlook plug-ins and check the issue. Usually removing plug-ins like the Live Search Map will change the Message Class back to IPM.Appointment and subsequently the issue with the calendar update will be fixed.
  • Similarly, you can try to fix the issue by changing the Message Class value to IPM.Appointment manually. However, try fixing the issue by removing the plug-ins first.

The guidelines discussed above would help you fix this one of the common Outlook problems in iPhones. Also, keep your iPhone updated all the time to avoid any such Outlook-related issues in the future.