Chatroulette is an alternative to Bazoocam

Chatroulette is an alternative to Bazoocam

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Chatroulette is a popular platform for online video and text messaging. The service is widely known in Russia, since it has been created by a Russian student. Now it is a popular way of communication for open access users.

The roulette competes with the French site Bazoocam, which appeared on the Internet a year later. The main difference between the two portals is the audience. Chatroulette is visited by English speaking users and Bazoocam can be used by someone who speaks both English and French.

What is Chatroulette?

It is an opportunity to find interesting interlocutors around the world, to get acquainted with the culture of a representative of another nation, to practise your interpersonal skills and to learn a language. The system has the random function of selection the interlocutors. The participant in the dialogue does not know in advance who he will meet.

The fact that you do not know who your next interlocutor will be increases interest in the upcoming conversation. It seems important to add, that you can interrupt the conversation at any time by pressing the ‘Stop’ button, if a person is rude or he speaks about intimate topics.

The instructions for the beginners

Before logging into Chatroulette with a convenient and simple interface, the user must register. To do it you must fill in the required fields, come up with a login and a strong password. In any case, if you enter the secret word incorrectly (if you have not used it for a long time or forgot it), you can restore an access to your personal account by replacing the password.

Next, you must set up the webcam. In test mode, it shows the user’s face and the part of the room behind him, but does not display information on the Internet. After checking the image quality, you should adjust the sound. This will be needed if you want to chat with the interlocutor live. There is an option with a set of messages in the dialog box for those, who do not know the language or prefer text messages.

The information section indicates the real name, address, age, gender. In addition, you can add photos. Changing some data is the best way to avoid blackmail and danger to personal security from the chat participants. To avoid the complete identification of your personality, you should carefully choose the interior items that will surround you. The basic rule is to have nothing personal in the room that may get into the camera lens.

The features of the service

Thanks to the great opportunities and a well-tuned functionality of the roulette Charloutte, the users have a chance to change the interlocutor with one click on the ‘Next’ button. If the conversation is boring, you can choose another random partner.

By the way, users can create a reputation for the participants who break the rules of the chat by selecting the ‘Report’ option. Too frequent complaints about the user of the same account lead to blocking indefinitely.

The main rules

The terms of use restrict access to people under the age of eighteen. The creators are not responsible for the information content, but they strongly advise users not to resort to raw language, disregard, scenes showing violence and naked body parts. To punish them they use an account ban.

But other than that, users freely chat with strangers and have fun.

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