5 typical mistakes in online communication

5 typical mistakes in online communication

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According to the statistics, people who want to find happiness or new friends spend a lot of time in the Internet. Everything is simple and accessible to anyone who has a smartphone or a computer. Find a suitable resource, register on it and start the conversation. But, unfortunately, in practice dating is not always successful.

It seems that it is so easy to find an interlocutor, but you have to deal with a huge number of various users who are far from well-intentioned. There are typical mistakes that make it difficult to find suitable interlocutors, and we will tell you about them.

1) Inattention to some details

We cannot always understand whether the information indicated in the profile of your interlocutor is true.

First of all, there should not be a lot of photos in the profile. The photo should not be blurry. Moreover, it should clearly show a person. Do not publish pictures of other people, because the users will think that such a person can hide something.

2) Excessive detailing of the interlocutor

Of course, the photo will not give full information about the interlocutor. It is necessary to communicate, but at the same time the conversation itself should not develop into a real interrogation.

You can ask what a person is interested in, whether he has a hobby or favorite job. Pay attention to the text messages, talking about the level of literacy.

3) Prolonged acquaintance

If you met each other online and you did not want to meet in reality, then you can correspond for years. But in situations where communication goes beyond the Internet, it is not worth delaying with a meeting; otherwise you or your interlocutor will quickly lose interest in each other.

4) Lack of initiative

Do not think your interlocutor will make sure every minute that you write him. You do not have to keep silence. You can write and ask how he/she is. If you like the person, you can go to another site. For example, it may be social networks.

5) Making claims to the interlocutor

Do not be rude, even if the interlocutor is wrong. Of course, emotions are much brighter in the Internet. Just think that your words may seriously offend a person, even if you have not seen him in real life. Do not ask why he does not respond to your messages. If a person is interested in communication with you, he will always write to you.

If you should enjoy communication in the Internet and get positive emotions, follow the simple tips. Then it will be much easier to start a dialogue with a new interlocutor.

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