What you should not ask a guy in a chat

What you should not ask a guy in a chat

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Not every girl decides to take the first step and get to know the guy she likes. As a rule, this happens most often in everyday life. The Internet gives freedom in relationships and it is much easier here to write a guy in a chat. The Internet makes communication simple and affordable. Therefore a large number of girls and guys get acquainted and communicate here.

How to communicate with a guy in the Internet?

What to say and what to ask? What should not be asked? We will consider all these questions below.

The tips that will help you to build harmonious and interesting relationships are the following:

  • your conversation or correspondence should be emotional. Always try to be yourself;
  • your conversation or correspondence should not bother you or your interlocutor;
  • before you meet, come up with a topic for a conversation. An awkward silence can ruin your communication;
  • it is good to understand what your new friend is interested in for successful communication and what he is fond of. If your partner’s discussion topic is not interesting, try something else;
  • communicating with an interesting man, ask him a lot of questions, but try to answer with two or three sentences. This will demonstrate your interest in your communication;
  • topics for communication should be diverse. Tell about yourself and discuss your hobbies, discuss movie news and news of your city and much more.

What should not be done and what should not be asked in a chat

When you communicate with a guy, you have to remember that there are certain restrictions. There are actions and questions that can lead to negative consequences:

  • a girl, like a guy, should not be intrusive and ask too many questions about the personal life of her interlocutor. If a person wants, he will tell himself;
  • in the process of your communication you do not have to embellish your person too much, because the true picture can be clarified and it will be unpleasant;
  • do not talk too often, because you or your interlocutor may be bored;
  • do not ask questions of a financial status
  • it is not recommended to ask about the state of health, details of sexual life and previous relationships with women.


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