Choosing clothes for a first date with a guy

Choosing clothes for a first date with a guy

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The first date is always an exciting event. It does not matter where you met the guy – on the street, in a nightclub or on a social network. A first date can move into a serious romantic relationship.

Whether it will be successful or not depends on both partners. At the same time, both the guy and the girl should make some efforts for it, if they are really interested in a relationship. Quite often, the first romantic meeting does not happen exactly as it was planned. This may be due to such reasons:

· You do not know each other well and do not have experience with the representatives of the opposite sex. This leads to a certain awkwardness, long pauses in conversations and constraint;

· You have chosen the wrong place for the first date. Location is important too. You have to say a lot to each other and do it best in a romantic setting, but you will not do it anywhere;

· You neglected the choice of clothes for a first date and did not make the proper impression on your boyfriend.

How to dress for the first romantic meeting

When going for the first time on a date with a guy, you should understand that your boyfriend will make the very first impression about you, and clothing plays a key role in this matter.

In the matter of choosing an outfit for a romantic meeting, girls quite often focus on their own taste, not at all thinking about the tastes of their chosen one. This is not entirely correct.

Let’s try to formulate some tips for choosing clothes for a first date:

· A woman must first be feminine. Typically women’s clothing — dresses, skirts, blouses, etc. — is well suited for a first date. If you choose trousers, then these should not be ‘men’s’ trousers. They should emphasize your figure;

· Choosing style and clothes for a first date, remember that excessive frankness for the first meeting is unnecessary. Do not rush to open all parts of the body at once;

· Choosing clothes that you want to wear for the first meeting, you should give preference along with soft fabrics. In this case, the color scheme should be gentle. It is best to choose beige, blue or pink tones in clothes;

· An important issue in creating an image for the first romantic meeting is the choice of shoes. Shoes should complement your entire look and be comfortable. High heel shoes with a height of more than seven sentiments may be a good choice. They will visually lengthen your legs and emphasize the figure.

You should avoid for a first date:

· Baggy trousers or ripped jeans, even if they belong to a fashionable collection of clothes;

· Sweaters, wide dresses and skirts, and everything that hides the figure;

· Sports pants, T-shirts and sweatshirts.

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