A search for friends in a chat

A search for friends in a chat

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Twenty years ago, making friends was easier. We played in the yard and the got to know each other. Yesterday we did not know each other, and today we play football together or whisper with girlfriends about boys.

With the advent of social networks, real acquaintance is becoming less common. But the range of potential friends has increased millions of times. You can find a comrade or a soul mate in your city, region, country or even on another continent. However, the principles of real acquaintance and building friendship are also relevant online. In the article we will tell you how to find friends in a chat, including on anonymous chat-roulettes where nothing is known about users.

Search for a suitable site

It can be an online community, a thematic forum, a site. It is desirable that user profiles are open, and in posts allowed to leave comments.

Register, communicate, comment on posts, identify interesting personalities, and begin interesting conversations. By the way a person judges something, you will understand whether he likes you, whether you want a closer acquaintance and whether you need such a friend.

Extreme lovers can use roulette sites. Users are selected randomly, although some search parameters can be set (for example, country or language in Omegle). You will have to briefly get to know a dozen people, but those who you want to have as your friend will eventually be found.

Ask random users questions, analyze answers, offer to exchange links on social networks. Or vice versa – say goodbye and go on a new search if you do not likethe person you are talking to.

Conducting conversations

Like the channels in Telegram, the functionality of many sites allows you to create conversations on interests.

To attract attention, do not use emoticons. Also, do not condemn someone’s opinion, be rude, try to hurt the honor of other commentators.

Self presentation

If you get into a thematic conversation, write a couple of sentences about yourself. Name, city, age, interests. Thanks to this, other users will have an opinion about you.

There is a chance that in the chat you will meet a person from your city. Great if you find common language. Making an appointment for a close acquaintance will not be difficult.

How to maintain a relationship?

Be kind, polite, and constructive in criticism. Adjust to the rules of the chat, to the rhythm of life in it.

Write in Russian. Do not be stupid. Intelligence is always in price. Be a competent interlocutor. It is pleasant to communicate with educated people alive and at a distance.

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