5 original topics for communicating with a girl

5 original topics for communicating with a girl

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Interesting communication in the Internet or in reality always depends on the originality of the interlocutors. In many pairs, it is the man who takes the initiative. What can you ask a girl so that she becomes really interested in you?


Traveling is the trend of our century, people always have something to discuss, there are many interesting and funny stories in stock. If you and your interlocutor like to travel to cities and countries, be sure to discuss this topic. It does not matter if you visited different places. This is a great way to share experiences with each other, tell about your impressions and give some useful tips to the traveler. In the process of discussing this topic, you can show each other photos and even build joint plans.

Cooking and alcohol

Most girls just love delicious dishes and fine wine. Do not be afraid to learn about the preferences of your interlocutor, and if you like to cook, a girl must share a few recipes. Find out preferences regarding alcohol. Some prefer semi-sweet and some prefer only dry wines, some do not drink alcohol in general. All this will help to know the girl better and arrange a luxurious romantic dinner.

Relationships with friends

There is nothing more interesting and informative than a discussion of the closest circle of communication. Ask the girl to give a brief description of several close friends, talk about their habits, and ask about a funny story that happened to them. After such a conversation, you will see that you have become much closer to each other. In addition, this is a great way to find out about the circle of friends, about who the girl contacts with on an ongoing basis.

Discussions of work

Of course, for many this topic cannot be called fascinating, but if you are both careerists and workaholics, there is nothing more interesting than discussing work. Tell about your boss and colleagues, recall the latest interesting tasks.


All girls love gifts, even those who do not say it out loud. You do not have to give expensive things on your first date, but no one forbids talking about gifts. Ask the girl about the best gift in her life, and what she did not like, specify what she likes best – to give or to receive presents. Talk about useful and useless gifts, about attitude to surprises and much more – each person has something to discuss on this topic!

These are just a few of the original topics for discussion with a girl while chatting in the Internet. Try to develop a topic, ask leading questions, tell stories that happened to you in life. Thanks to this approach, there will be no awkward pauses on your date, and she will definitely want to make another appointment!

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