5 original topics for communicating with a guy

5 original topics for communicating with a guy

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Despite the rapidly developing world, the girls are still afraid to be the first to start a conversation with a guy they like, they do not know what to talk about to make it interesting. Nevertheless, the manifestation of the initiative will help you develop communication skills, become more confident in yourself, make new friends and have a romantic relationship. Here are some useful topics you can talk about in a chat-roulette or on a real date.

Childhood and youth

Each guy in his youth and adolescence probably had adventures, interesting stories that were kept in his memory and which he would not mind sharing with you to maintain a conversation. Most importantly, do not take these stories seriously, even if they were associated with violations of the law, fights and other asocial behavior, because people change, grow out of adolescence, their behavior becomes calmer.


Ask the man to talk about his pets. You will hear many interesting stories, see photos of fluffy creatures, and most importantly, you will be able to understand how a guy relates to animals. Psychologists say that men who love animals are also caring for loved ones. You have a chance to check it already at an early stage of dating!

Food preferences

In a conversation, you can unobtrusively note that you love to cook and do it well, after which you move the conversation to your favorite dishes. Be sure that any man will gladly pick up this topic and tell you about his preferences. In addition, modern men cook well themselves, which means you will quickly find a common language.

Sport and physical activity

More and more motivated young people spend time in the gym or engage in extreme sports. This applies not only to men, but also to girls. If you are trying to lead an active lifestyle, you will definitely have something to discuss with your partner. You can ask what kind of sport he does, what goals he sets for himself.

Difficult questions and puzzles

If questions about hobbies seem too banal to you, try to ask some difficult questions that will make the guy think. For example, “Who would you save from a life-threatening situation?”, “What would you do if you received a million dollars?”, “How do you feel about feminism?” Such questions will make a man not only think, but also speculate on a specific topic. In addition, in this way you will learn his attitude to certain things.

Thus, original questions for a guy are a great way to start and continue a fascinating conversation with an interesting person. You can ask them not only personally, but also in a chat-roulette.

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