How to make a girl fall in love with you in a chat?

How to make a girl fall in love with you in a chat?

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Correspondence between a young man and a girl occurs in a chat. The chat is private. Sometimes, just seeing a photo, a young man decides to start communication. And then the game begins what to write and how to write to make the girl like you.

The girl’s interest in her person means that there will be a continuation. Do not stop there. Interest can pass quickly if communication is boring and predictable.

Each of your messages to the girl should be filled with meaning. Getting to know a girl begins with a greeting. Write a small compliment about her photo. Tell a little about yourself. You should not disclose everything at once, a couple of phrases about how old you are, interests, hobbies in your free time will be enough. You can talk about your dream; there will be a topic to continue the conversation.

Mention that her page was noticed a couple of weeks ago. Focus on the fact that you are interested in talking to her. Give compliments periodically, show that you are attentive and can be romantic. Girls appreciate a sense of humour. You can joke a little on the general topic in correspondence. Do not joke about the appearance of the girl.

Pick a photo for the avatar. Appearance is the first thing you pay attention to. Decide on purpose of acquaintance. If in a chat you decide to flirt, build communication differently. And if you decide to make a girl fall in love with you, then develop a strategy and follow the plan.

It is not always possible to make acquaintances the first time. Having been refused, analyze yourself, your behavior. Before you insist on continuing your acquaintance, find out if the girl is free, if she has a boyfriend or a husband.

The interlocutor must be interested in the conversation. Get active in the discussion of the last post she commented on. She needs to notice you. Be friendly, in a good mood. In no case be rude if you have not received an answer to your question. When a conversation will start, and you can go into a private chat.

Analyze your page in advance, everything that looks obscene should be deleted or hidden. Look at your notes, photos, you may have to get rid of some.

The final stage is a date. Do not take the first refusal with hostility. This is a normal occurrence. First, you should offer a walk in the park, and then a joint trip to the cinema. Girls appreciate confident and persistent men. Too much perseverance can frighten some, do not overdo it.

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