How to overcome the fear of online communication?

How to overcome the fear of online communication?

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To be afraid of something is quite normal. There is nothing shameful in fear of heights, spiders or doctors. In the era of the development of the Internet, the fear of ordinary conversation was transformed and turned into its specific type – the fear of online communication. To fight your fears, you need to act. Therefore, we recommend finding sites designed for easy conversation, for example, Omegle or Chatroulette. Here you can change the interlocutors until you find a pleasant person who suits you. Moreover, you meet unfamiliar guys or girls. Therefore, even if the conversation is not interesting, you will never see each other again and just throw this moment out of your memory.

· As you know, the first steps are always difficult. You need to overcome fear with action, so it is very important to take the first step. Just enter the chat and start the first conversation. Perhaps your hands will tremble, and your thoughts will get confused, or vice versa. Remember, why you are here. So, learn to communicate, albeit through unusual interlocutors or extraordinary topics for conversation.

· Take into account the fact that the interlocutors will be different. Lovely, friendly, louts, aggressors – it does not matter who gets into the chat. You must be prepared for this and have a clear plan of action. For unpleasant types – ignoring and stopping communication. These are necessary actions at the initial stage of overcoming fear. In the future, for the sake of practice, try to answer the rude people. Try not to be nervous, answer confidently. The main thing is not to focus on troubles, they will probably be repeated periodically. Forget about such communication as a bad dream.

· Think ahead to what you are talking about. It is great if you have common topics for conversation, and you both have similar interests. Sketch a communication plan, first a greeting, then a question. Just do not use the standard phrase “how are you?” You need to continue the conversation, which means asking a question that involves a detailed answer or clarification. For example, ‘do you like sports?’, ‘What exactly do you like about TV?’, ‘Why football, not hockey?’

· Try to enjoy talking to strangers. Remember, this is just a practice and you need to learn all the nuances of conducting a conversation. Once you understand what the meaning of the conversation is, it will become easier for you. Insecurity and fear will gradually disappear. Strangers communicate in order to get to know each other better, enrich their knowledge, find new information, and enjoy a pleasant pastime.

Try to communicate more often. Try to have short chat conversations. If you know what to expect, sooner or later the fear of the unknown people will disappear, but self-confidence will appear. You just get interlocutors who are not used to normal communication, or inadequately respond to ordinary words. Do not blame yourself for the failure. Over time, you become so accustomed to chatting that you can teach others to do it.

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