Flirting on a first date with a guy

Flirting on a first date with a guy

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It is not enough to get to know a young man at the first meeting; in order to interest him, you need to behave correctly on the first date. This applies not only to face-to-face dating, but also to video communication using resources such as Omegle and Chatroulette. There are many rules and tips that will help you please a man, let’s take a closer look at them.

What is flirting?

Flirting implies interest in a person, expressed in the desire to attract attention with the help of looks, words, touches. Usually it is expressed in the role of the game, which implies following certain rules and tips.

In order for flirting to be successful and bring the desired result, you need to be able to recognize the signs and hints that your partner can make. Experts believe that all women from birth receive this skill, and the ability to flirt is inherent in their blood. But still it depends on some personal qualities. In order for flirting to bring the desired success, there are some rules to learn.

Secrets of successful flirting

There is not much difference in the format in which the first date will take place, be it a personal meeting or video communication. For greater effect, you should study the preferences of a young man in advance in order to find out his interests and tastes in relation to women.

Pickup experts recommend adhering to the following rules:

1. Work out the look: neat hairstyle, not too bright makeup, delicate manicure. It is not recommended to do too bright and pretentious makeup, as it not only makes the face heavier, it can also alienate the interlocutor. It is advisable to simply emphasize all its advantages with a small amount of cosmetics and style your hair in the usual way;

2. Do not forget about eye contact. For example, a slight squinting, winking, languid look. Try to make eye contact when speaking;

3. A gentle smile. It will make the face more benevolent and attractive, the man will conclude that you are a kind and gentle nature. It is worth working in front of the mirror in advance to work out the most successful smile: with closed lips or with slightly prominent teeth;

4. Maintain a conversation, try to avoid awkward pauses, inappropriate topics. It is recommended to listen carefully to the interlocutor and at the same time look him directly in the eyes. Avoid political, religious, moral topics, as they can cause serious discussion and alienate the guy;

5. Think about your facial expressions in advance to avoid awkward situations.

Do not forget that the first date takes place online, so you should not rely entirely on grooming and attractive appearance, since the interlocutor will not be able to fully appreciate you. That is why it is worth focusing on communication: study the interests of the young person in advance, find common topics for conversation. Although men love with their eyes, a few compliments about appearance or ability to understand the topic will not hurt.

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