ow to recognize hints from a girl on a date

How to recognize hints from a girl on a date

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Girls like hints: only the most daring girls can say directly that they like the man and they would like to continue communication. How do you recognize flirtatious hints so you know which direction to go? What can meaningless phrases and sign language say?

A woman asks you about plans

If a lady is wondering what you are doing on Saturday at three o’clock in the afternoon, she definitely wants you to ask her out on your next date. If you want to continue, you should not answer in monosyllables or come up with non-existent cases – say that on this day you are completely free only for her alone.

The girl tries to touch you

If on a date a woman constantly takes your hand, touches your hair, tries to straighten a tie or shirt, the hint is obvious – she likes you and she would like to continue communication, including a romantic relationship. On the contrary, if your companion carefully avoids so-called socially acceptable touching, most likely, she does not like you, or she would like to hide the fact of informal communication with you from others.

Expression of discomfort

Often on first dates, many couples prefer to schedule walks in the parks. It is a great way to get some fresh air and get to know a person better. If the girl began to say that she was cold or rubbed her leg, most likely she was. These signals should not be ignored. Your task is to find a small and cozy cafe so that your companion can warm up, treat her to hot coffee and continue a casual conversation at a common table.

If a girl does not talk about the next meeting

Many men prefer to ask on the first date when the second will take place. If the girl stubbornly does not give an answer and does not even give an approximate date for the next meeting, most likely she does not like you, and she does not want to continue communication. Not everyone will be able to personally, looking in the eyes, say that the next meeting will never take place. In such a situation, you should not try to find out the answer – if you are still mistaken with understanding the hint, the lady will definitely help you.

Body gestures

During the date, pay attention to body language, which is considered the most obvious hint. If a girl is actively showing you her wrists or shifting her legs, she clearly wants a closer continuation of your relationship. The same applies to frequent hair-touching and other flirty gestures. The girl you like will look you in the eyes for a long time, only occasionally looking away. On the contrary, if a woman wants to end a failed date as soon as possible, she will in every possible way avoid your gaze, cross her arms and try to get away from sensitive topics.

Knowing some of the rules, you can easily recognize a girl’s hints on the first or subsequent dates. The main thing is to focus not only on them, but also to ask directly serious questions that interest you (for example, attitude towards family and children). In this case, your chances of finding a loved one, a real companion of your life, significantly increase.

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