Fear of online dating

Fear of online dating

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Online dating gives the impression of a huge choice and ease of communication. However, some people still do not take this method seriously and are even afraid to register on the site or talk on the webcam. Let’s look at the most common fears that prevent you from meeting an interesting man or woman, and tell you how to deal with them.

There are only scammers on the Internet

Indeed, you can meet a large number of unscrupulous people on the Internet whose purpose is to get your bank card details and steal your money. In addition, under the guise of a pretty girl, there may be a person who offers paid intimate services or sending intimate photos for money. To avoid unpleasant acquaintances, do not reveal your bank card details, do not share your phone number on the very first day of communication. Pay attention to the profiles: if there is only one photo, it is better to choose a more transparent version with a completed profile.

Nobody wants to get serious online.

This point especially applies to girls who think that men on dating sites are only looking for one-night stand connections. If you want to clarify everything at once, it is recommended to indicate your goals in the questionnaire. Do not hesitate to write that you are looking only for a serious relationship with the possibility of further marriage – this way you will immediately filter out people.

Inability to start a dialogue

Girls have to receive dozens of messages a day, so men often complain that their greetings go into the void. In order not to face the silence on the other side of the screen, develop your own signature greeting that will be original and inviting to all-round communication. Do not be discouraged if the other person does not answer or suddenly stops responding. In the virtual world, this is a fairly common practice, so you should not pay much attention to it. Better write to another lady who will definitely not refuse to talk to you.

Fear of a webcam

This fear is common among video chat users. Many months continue to conduct fruitless correspondence and cannot dare to talk to the person they like. Try to understand that such communication will be objective and safe for you, because in correspondence a person can easily impersonate another person. You should try preparing for a date, wearing nice clothes, and girls should do some light makeup. Do not try to become more confident with the help of alcohol – it will immediately be visible on the screen. Take into account that at any time you can turn off the webcam if you feel uncomfortable, if you are not satisfied with the interlocutor.

Thus, the fear of online dating is largely exaggerated. With the right precautions and taking the initiative, it is easy to find interesting people who can become your friends or romantic partners.

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