Fixing Outlook Issues

How To Fix Outlook

Outlook Backup File

PST files are what Outlook uses to store the data that you enter in it. Each such file would hold all the data pertaining to the respective folder in the email application. This includes the emails, calendar and journal entries, appointments, reminders, contacts, notes, and other such stuff. The format itself is considered one of the safest ways to archive personal data, but issues like corruption, virus infection, and lack of space have been known to cause data loss.

There are many reasons other than this, such as improper shutdowns, power surges, etc., which can cause the same result. If you ever find yourself on the wrong side of such a situation, which is in it, then you will need capable tools to fix the problem.

Maybe you deleted an Outlook folder by mistake, which had many important contacts, mail, etc. But as long as the data is still backed up in a PST file, you can still use the Scanpst repair tool to get them back. This comes with Outlook and can perform basic recovery as long as the PST file is whole.

Make sure that it is under 2 GB in size, which, if it isn’t, might be the reason for the issue you are facing. Make a copy of the file elsewhere, and start the recovery by specifying the location of the damaged file. So if this does not work out, you will still have the backup that you can try and repair using other methods.

How to fix Outlook PST issues using third party tools

There are plenty of third party tools, which provide more comprehensive repair functionality than the native Scanpst. These can fix worse errors, though there is no guarantee they absolutely will. So before the file is processed, make a backup of it so you will be no worse off than when you started.

Outlook Folder

Outlook Backup PST

Most tools, after they recover the contents of a file, store this in a new PST file, which can be imported to Outlook. Some even offer the option to compact or split the repaired PST file before saving it, which is most useful if what caused the original issue was the backup getting to large in size. You can usually get back the deleted items from the inbox as well, and also that from the Deleted Items folder.

This is how to fix Outlook PST file errors, which can block access to the application and disrupt your work. Call our tech support team for more help.

How To Transfer Outlook Files From Mac To Windows

Microsoft Outlook Problems

Fix Outlook Problems

When it comes to desktop operating systems, the two names heard are Windows and Mac. In terms of the number of users, Windows is much ahead of Mac. While Mac gained some momentum in the last few years, Windows has made itself a well-established operating system, after the release of Windows XP.

A comparison between Windows and Mac will make you realize that the latter is more expensive and much complicated for average users. Conversely, Windows is user friendly and is very ubiquitous.

Using Outlook in Mac and Windows

Outlook is an email client application offered by Microsoft. It is considered to be the most popular email client application in the world. More than personal users, business users choose Outlook for being a better and more convenient platform for internal communication. Outlook can be configured with internal servers like Microsoft Exchange to improve communication within an office set.

Microsoft has released Outlook for almost all desktop and mobile operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Mac, Windows Phone, iOS, and Android. Nevertheless, the Windows version of Outlook has got more features than that for other platforms. Furthermore, reports indicate that Microsoft Outlook problems are more likely to happen across non-Windows version of Outlook than that its Windows counterpart.

Outlook Data In Mac

Outlook Problems And Solutions

If you have been using Outlook on a Mac, and wish to transfer all your important data to the Windows Outlook version, you can do that in simple steps. By migrating from the Mac Outlook version to the Windows Outlook version, you become part of the world’s majority of Outlook users. As per the reports, more than 80 percent of the users have Outlook on their Windows operating systems, against the 20 percent of Outlook users across the non-Windows operating systems.

There is no direct way to transfer your Outlook data from Mac to Windows though, because the Outlook database for Mac is different from the same on Windows. Therefore, what you can do is to convert the Outlook data in Mac before moving them to the Windows Outlook version. You should be choosing .pst as the file format while converting the Outlook data.

Users often complain for frequent Microsoft Outlook problems. But remember that you can deal with all your Outlook problems effectively by taking some precautions. Clear your Outlook from time to time to prevent it from becoming a pile of unwanted emails.

How To Fix Error 0x800CCC90

How To Fix Outlook

Outlook Mail Error

Outlook is one of the most common email clients in use these days. It lets you manage your emails, contacts, and schedules in a fast and timesaving manner. Thanks to that, this is a hugely popular productivity application. But there are quite a few issues which rear their heads after long periods using the program. One of these is the Error 0x800CCC90.

The reason for this error is that you have installed more than a single POP3 account inside the same profile. The error appears when you are sending email inside the client. An error report is generated, and this tells you the following:

Receiving’ reported error (0x800CCC90): Your incoming (POP3) e-mail server has reported an internal error. If you continue to receive this message, contact your server administrator or Internet service provider (ISP)

How to fix Outlook Error 0x800CCC90

The POP3 accounts need to be separated into smaller groups to efficiate the Send/Receive process. When such groups are created, the user is unable to connect directly with these. Here is another way that you can try.

    • Launch the application and click on the Send/Receive button tab. Under this, choose Send/Receive groups, and then Define Send/Receive Groups.
    • In the next popup, select the New Name the new group to create.
    • Select the accounts that you wish to add to this group. Then check the Include account in this send/receive group Also, select the Send Mail Items and Receive Mail Items options.
    • In the Folder Options section, choose Download complete item, including attachments and then hit OK.
Outlook Repair Tool

Outlook Account Groups

  • This takes you to the Receive Groups dialog, where you can hit Close after adding all the accounts that you wish to.
  • To send or receive email for a particular group, move to Tools, choose Send/Receive, and choose specific group.

This is how to fix Outlook Error 0x800CCC90 in the easiest way possible. This eases the process of sending emails to different groups.

Some of the other reasons for this include a change in the port numbers in the settings for these accounts. If the above procedure does not work, you may have to try using a dedicated Outlook repair tool instead. That might be a more effective way of detecting the error and its point of origin, making it easier to fix.

Fixing MS Outlook Errors When It Fails To Send Messages

Cannot Send Email From Outlook

Fixing Outlook Issues

Most of the software issues can be easily fixed by executing some troubleshooting steps. Re-installation of the software is required only in some rare cases. Tech support personnel can easily fix the issues without taking much time, and get the application to work normally again. For example, if you encounter an error in the Outlook application where you find that you cannot send email from Outlook but can receive them, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can execute to fix this issue.

What causes this Outlook error?

For troubleshooting the error, you need to first find out what is causing the problem. Most Outlook users have to deal with file corruption errors, PST issues, virus infections, internet connectivity errors, and so on. However, one of the errors they often overlook is the errors they might have made in the account set up process itself.

If you cannot send email from Outlook, but have no problems when it comes to receiving them in your account, then the problem has nothing to do with virus infections or network connectivity. There is a good chance that you made some error in the account set up process and the outgoing server address or port number that you enter was wrong.

Since there was no error in the incoming server address, you have no problem receiving the emails. So, you need to check the user account details in the Outlook mail client and make the necessary changes. For this, go to the Tools menu in the Outlook application and the select the option Account Settings. This will launch the Account Settings window, where you will see the email accounts you have added to the mail client so far under the Email tab.

Outlook Mail Client

Outlook Account Set-Up

Select the email account with which you are having the problem and select the option Change from the toolbar above. This will open the Account Setup wizard on the screen, which will display all the details about this email account including the Incoming Server Address, Outgoing Server Address, Username, Password, and so on.

Go through the Outgoing Server Address details and check whether they are indeed accurate. Click on the More Settings option to check the additional settings especially the port numbers and the authentication settings.

Compare these with the details provided at your email service provider’s website to see if they are indeed correct. Make the necessary changes and restart the application. This should fix your Outlook problem.

Inserting Scrolling Signature In Outlook Email Client

Outlook Problems And Help

Outlook Issues And Solutions

Microsoft Outlook email client is an extremely useful program with a wide variety of features. Although it supports many features, you will have to know how to make use of them so you can use Outlook to the best of your advantage. Before you move on to using Calendar and Contacts functionalities, learn all the different nuances of email formatting and different ways of sending emails so you can get your work done with minimum effort. Learning about the different Outlook problems and help features, the user will be able to work while maintaining good productivity.

Scrolling marquee is a text that runs along the display, either vertically or horizontally. It is a nifty little feature because your email recipients will immediately read the text first. You can use this feature to send out important information that requires immediate attention. Although it was enabled in earlier versions, the scrolling marquee is no longer supported by Microsoft Outlook. However, the Signature feature in Outlook can be modified to display up to six lines of text or graphics that scrolls vertically.

Here’s what you need to do

  • Open Outlook, click on Tools menu, and select the Options sub-menu from inside it.
  • Click on the Mail Format tab and then locate the Message format From inside the drop-down menu, select HTML as the desired email format. This email format is best suited for displaying scrolling signatures.
  • Click on the Signatures button from inside the section with the same name and then click on the email signature for which you desire to insert scrolling text. Click on Edit button and copy and paste the following HTML code inside the text box. <marquee>Type the text you want to scroll here.</marquee>

    Microsoft Outlook

    Outlook Signature Creation

  • You can even format the scrolling text by using the HTML code, <font size=”6″ face=”arial” color=green><marquee behavior=scroll height=18 width=220 bgcolor=black>Type the text you want to scroll here.</marquee></font>. You can change the font size and the font itself by changing the values inside the appropriate fields.
  • Once you have made the required changes, click on OK to save your settings.

If you have made these steps, you will be able to send marquee signatures to all email recipients. This space can be changed from time to time to display whatever text you believe is of importance. As you can see, Outlook problems and help texts always have different workarounds for individual problems.

Know How To Launch Microsoft Outlook

Outlook Problems And Help

Microsoft Outlook Application

Outlook is a popular personal information manager developed by Microsoft. This is available as part of Microsoft Office Suite with the other applications such as Word, Excel and many more. With the help of Microsoft Outlook it is relatively simple to organize emails and other information stored in it. Apart from sending and receiving emails, you have the option to take notes, use task manager, and add meeting schedules in the calendar and many such things.

Microsoft Outlook is designed in such a way that it can work with Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SharePoint Server, or it can be used as a stand-alone program. When there are plenty of people using Outlook in an organization, it will be easier to manage if Outlook works on an Exchange Server. Microsoft outlook is not only available in Windows computer, but also for Mac computers.

The latest Outlook application that works on subscription basis is Microsoft Outlook 365. This is available in different editions in order to help people use Outlook according to their requirements. Some of them are Outlook 365 Home, Outlook 365 University and so on. The latest version of Outlook application for Mac computers is Outlook for Mac while the previous version is called Outlook 2011 for Mac.

When the application is installed in the computer, you can find it in the Start menu. On the other hand, you might notice the shortcut for Outlook in the desktop. Follow these tips from the Outlook problems and help section to launch the application.


  • Go to the desktop. To the lower left corner of the desktop you will find the Start button, click on the same.
  • Click on Programs. Look for Microsoft Outlook in the Programs menu, you would find folders in here. You can look in the folder that says Microsoft Office.

    Outlook 2011

    Microsoft Outlook Help

  • From the list you can select the Outlook option. This is supposed to launch the Outlook application, with the email, calendars, address book and many more in the Outlook window that has opened.
  • In case you receive an error message that says Cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook, you have to choose an alternative.
  • Press Windows Key and the letter R together, this will open the Run dialogue box. Type in the blank space exe /resetnavpane and then hit Enter.

With these Outlook problems and help tips, it is for sure that you will be able to open Microsoft Outlook if the application is installed in the computer.

Removing Stuck Messages From Microsoft Outlook

Outlook Problems

Outlook Outbox Fix

Outlook email client is an extremely useful software mostly used in workplaces. The email client is helpful in establishing communication between coworkers in a company. Using this software, you will be able to keep the steady flow of emails in check, replying to them in order of priority. The enhanced productivity tools of Outlook help the users create schedules and carry them out in a systematic manner, in turn helping users to prioritize and work to the best of their capability.

Outlook may have its own set of flaws but the program is resourceful enough to provide several troubleshooting tools in the hands of the users. This way, you will be able to take care of any Outlook problems, making sure the program starts working well as soon as possible. One common problem users face is emails getting stuck in the Outbox folder.

The reason for this may vary, from large file size that email servers are not capable of handing to making changes to the said email before Outlook could send it. Some of the reasons why the emails may get stuck might be complex but several others are exceedingly silly. If you work offline and send email, certain versions of Outlook may stick it in the Outbox folder.

Here’s what you need to do to remove the email from the Outlook Outbox folder.

  • Open Outlook and wait for it to load. Once it loads up, navigate to the Outbox folder and open the email. Check if you can send the email by clicking on Send.
  • Click on File menu and then on Work Offline to operate Outlook in online mode. Click on the Tools menu and then select Send/Receive. Select the name of the person you want to send the email to.

    Outlook Outbox

    Stuck Email In Outlook

  • Click on the Send tab from inside the Tools menu and then click to enable the setting Send messages immediately. You will need to enable another option, Save copy of sent messages in the ‘Sent Items’ folder. This option is listed in the Internet Connection Settings section.
  • Make sure you are still connected to the LAN network or the internet. Click OK to go back to the Outlook main window, then go back to the Outlook Outbox, and click Send again.

If you have made these changes, you will note that the previously stuck emails will no longer appear in the Outbox and will be sent to the recipient. Thus, as you can see, if you follow the troubleshooting steps, all Outlook problems would disappear in a jiffy.


Resolve The ‘Operation Failed And An Object Could Not Be Found’ Error

Outlook Problems And Help

Outlook Problems

The software giant, Microsoft Corporation, developed one of the best email management programs in Microsoft Outlook. Users can easily maintain multiple email accounts and have access to all the priority mails all in one place.  The email management program is really popular and used by millions of people for managing email messages, calendar, scheduling, allocating tasks, appointments, contacts and for various other things.

The email client is actually fairly solid and stable.  But, like any software, there may be many issues, errors and corruptions possible. In this Outlook problems and help article, we will see how to resolve the operation failed problem. This actually means an object cannot be found.  Users normally get this error just after they click on the Send and Receive button in Outlook. The main reason for such a thing to happen in Outlook is that it is the result of a corrupted profile. It is possible for users to easily create a new profile and fix this error immediately. Following is a guide to help you resolve the problem:



  • First, you need to click on the Start button, located in the lower-left of your screen, and then you need to click on Control Panel.
  • After that, double-click on Mail.
  • You need to click on Show Profiles in the Mail dialog box that pops up. This is usually called Mail Setup on certain systems.
  • Then, you should click on the Add button for adding a new profile, and then enter a name for this profile and click OK.
  • Type the email address for this profile and click Next.
  • You will see that email will be automatically configured for working with the email client. Enter the server type and click Next. Key-in all the other fields that are necessary, which includes the ones you will see when you click on More Settings.

    PST File Repaired

    Outlook Issues

  • Hit Finish button.
  • After that, click on ‘Always Use This Profile in the Mail’ dialog box in case you want to use the same profile every time the email program boots. Then, you need to confirm that the new profile that you just set up is selected before clicking on this.
  • After that, choose Prompt for a Profile to be Used, in case you wish to select a profile every time Microsoft Outlook boots and click OK.


Now you know about the Outlook problems and help you got in this guide should fix the ‘Operation Failed and an Object Could Not Be Found’ error

Procedure To Fix Microsoft Outlook 2007 Issue

Outlook Problems

            Issues With Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is arguably the best email management program, considering its heavy use in the business world. The quality and power of Outlook is in its flexibility, customizability, ability to run various applications enhancing emailing experience and communication convenience.

No matter how good a software program is, you cannot expect it to function perfectly every time. There can be possible issues and problems that you may experience with Microsoft Outlook. One of the most common issues is when the application has conflicts with a specific add-in that has been installed. You may even have a gadget installed on your computer that is incorporated with Microsoft Outlook, but is not working properly. You can fix these issues by disabling the installed Outlook add-ins from the email client and uninstalling gadgets from your system. Here are the steps to resolve the Outlook problems you are facing:


Disable Add-ins:

  • First, you need to double-click on the Microsoft Outlook icon for opening the program. After that, you need to select the Tools drop-down menu and click on the option Trust Center
  • Then, you need to select the Add-ins option and after that click on COM Add-ins from the Manage list. After that, click on the Go button and display the COM Add-ins dialog box.
  • You need to scroll through the list of currently installed add-ins. Uncheck the box beside any add-in that you feel is unnecessary. You need to repeat the steps for any additional add-ins you wish to disable.
  • After that, you need to click OK and close Outlook. Restart the email program for the changes to take effect.

    Outlook add-ins

                 Microsoft Outlook

Remove Installed Gadgets:

  • Click on Start and then go to Control Panel. You need to select Control Panel Home option.
  • Choose the options for Programs and then, select Windows Sidebar Properties
  • Then, go to Maintenance section and then click View list of running gadgets. Choose a gadget that you wish to remove from your computer.
  • Click on Remove and the gadget will be removed from system.


Steps to disable Integration with Communicator:

  • You need to double-click Outlook for opening the program. Click on Tools drop-down menu and click on Options.
  • Click on Other tab and then uncheck the box for Display online status next to a person name within the Person Names section.
  • You can click on OK, to save the change made. Restart Outlook for the changes to take effect.

Your Outlook problems concerning conflicts with a specific add-ins should have resolved.

How To Speed Up Outlook Program

Outlook Problems And Help

            Features Of Outlook

Do you think that your Microsoft Outlook is responding slower than it used to be? There could be many reasons for this issue. However, you can improve the performance of your Outlook program by a few simple steps. In this Outlook problems and help section, we will find out how to enhance the performance of the program.

Check computer configuration

Sometimes, the system configuration of your computer may not meet the requirements of the Outlook program. First, go to the official website of Microsoft and note down the system requirements necessary for running the version of Outlook you use. Then, right click the My Computer icon on the desktop and choose the option Properties. Click the General tab of the System Properties window and this will help you to find out whether your computer has the minimum configuration to run this particular version of Outlook. If not, upgrade the same.

Install all pending updates

Using an older version of Outlook can result in the slow performance of the program. Therefore, open the Start menu and click All Programs. Choose the option Windows Update and then select Check for updates. Check whether there are any Office updates pending and if yes, install them.

Delete unwanted messages

Outlook stores the emails in the file called Outlook personal file. The storage limit of this file is 2 GB in older versions of Outlook. Therefore, if you are using an older version of Outlook, it is advisable to remove the unwanted emails from the program so that you could free some space. Make sure that all the junk emails are removed from the computer. In addition, check the folders like Outbox, Deleted Items, Sent Items etc. and remove the unwanted emails from them.

Remove attachments

Microsoft Outlook

                  Fix Outlook Problems

Some of the emails that you receive may contain attachments. Now, saving these emails in the program will slow down its performance. Therefore, the best option is to download the attachments to the computer and save it on your hard disk. You can then remove these emails from the PC.

Archive old items

While using Outlook, you might have seen a pop up window that suggests you to archive old items. Next time, when you see this window, make sure that you click Yes and agree to this suggestion because this will help you to move the old emails to the archive, which can help improve the speed of the program.

We hope that this Outlook problems and help section has helped you to improve the speed of your Outlook program. For further assistance on this issue, you may contact our technical support team.