Troubleshooting Outlook Email Messages That Refuse To Leave Outlook 2007

Outlook Problems And Help

        Troubleshoot Outlook Email

Outlook email client is far more powerful than merely being capable of accessing and sending email messages. It can be used to schedule your calendar to include your daily tasks as well as schedule events for a later day. Moreover, you can even choose to share the Calendar to inform others about your schedule. It contains various different features that will let you work with ease and skim through your emails, focusing on what is important.

Outlook is extremely popular because it contains many interesting features which can be used to collaborate with your coworkers. Once you are at ease working with this software, you will not be able to do without it. Like any software, there are a few kinks associated with Outlook. These bugs, small and not affecting your work in any way, still cause frustration to the user. One such problem is when your email is stuck to the Outlook Outbox. Although it does not cause any grievance, it irks several users who resort to seek Outlook problems and help from online support guides.

Here’s how you remove emails stuck in your Outbox:

Delete In Safe Mode

  • Close Outlook email client.
  • Click on the Start icon and then type in Outlook /Safe in the search box. If your Windows version does not have the search feature, you will have to click on Run to bring up the Run window. Make sure there is a space between ‘Outlook’ and ‘/’.
  • Under the Programs header, click on Outlook /Safe to open the application software in safe mode.
  • Navigate to the email from inside the Outbox and right-click it.
  • Select Delete from the list of options.

Open and Close

  • Double-click the message in order to open it.
  • Close the email and then try deleting again by pressing Delete once you right-click on the message.

    Outlook Outbox

                       Outlook Email Outbox

Offline Mode

  • Click on File menu and select the option Work Offline.
  • Restart Outlook and then proceed to delete the message the usual way.

Send The Message

  • If bad comes to worst, you can resort to sending the email itself.
  • In the recipient field, enter your own email id. This way you can email yourself.
  • When the message reaches your inbox, delete it.

If you have followed all the steps stated above, you will be able to discard the email stuck in Outlook Outbox. All online Outlook problems and help guides would suggest similar solutions and these actions can be done with much ease.

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The Outlook Inbox Repair Tool

Outlook Problems And Help

           Outlook Recovery Tool

In most cases, people using Outlook encounter a .pst files missing issue. Either the .pst files become corrupt or missing, which makes it impossible to use Outlook until the issue is fixed. Outlook comes with an inbox repair tool for Outlook problems and help. However, these files are buried deep inside the Program files folder in the hard drive.

Locate the Inbox Repair Tool (ScanPst.exe)  

  • Usually, the hard drive is located in the C drive, assuming that here is where you can locate the .pst files. If the hard drive is not located in the C drive, then the file path is to be changed accordingly.
  • In one of these folders in the Windows Explorer Window, you will find a file with the name Scanpst.Exe. You will have to browse to the present location of the most recent .pst files before you hit the Start option to execute the .exe.
  • You will have to wait for some time for the tool to complete scanning the damaged .pst files. Once it completes scanning, it will go for fixing the issue. When the tool is done scanning, it will populate a list of issues that can be repaired.
  • In order to repair the damaged files, click on Repair.

Transferring the Recovered Data to a New PST File

A recovered version of the .pst files are created after the repair is done. It is important to make Outlook realize that the latest version of the fixed .pst files is to be used further. You will have to direct Outlook about the same with the following steps.

  • Launch the Outlook program the way you usually do.

    Outlook Program

                  Help For Corrupt Files

  • From the menu at the top, select the option Go and then select the option Folder List.
  • In the Folder List that is open, you would find Recovered Personal Folders folder along with the other usual personal folders that has the Lost And Found folder.
  • You would get to know if the repair was successful or not by looking at the contents in the Lost and Found folder. If the folder is empty, then it implies that the repair was not successful, but if there are some files in the folder, then it implies that the repair was successful.
  • Create a Folder and drag all the files from the folder to the new folder created.

Hence, for Outlook Problems and Help, the inbox repair tool can be of great help, because it can also retrieve some of the emails that were deleted by mistake.

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Some Problems In Outlook

Launch Failures

                Outlook IMAP Settings

Outlook is a lifesaver and a delight for most incumbent email users, but there are more than a few problems that might pop up every now and then. The most hated Outlook problems are application crashes and launch failures. Here’s another: deleted email that don’t leave the system.

Deleting email from your email server does not remove it from Outlook, sometimes. Accounts online usually use one of the two protocols for mail storage: IMAP and POP. Each includes options for the email to be retained elsewhere, after you hit the Delete button.

The IMAP backup

IMAP, or Internet Message Access Protocol, is usually the reason that your email does not get totally deleted. An account following IMAP, stores your messages on the server, and then, downloads local copies upon request. Hitting Delete merely removes this copy from the inbox, and not from the email server.

POP email

With POP, or Post Office Protocol, the problem of emails returning after they’ve been deleted is because you’ve enabled this. You have probably selected the provision for a copy to be retained on the mail server. To undo that, go to the advanced setting in Outlook for that email address, and deselect the Leave a copy of messages on the server box.

Deleting the files if the connection is lost

Sometimes, you’ll lose the connection between Outlook and an IMAP account that you have configured on it. Among other Outlook problems, your command to delete emails will not reach the server. Rectifying this involves manually removing the emails from the server, by hitting the Purge button. You’ll find this in the Folder tab in Outlook, and it will get rid of the items you have marked.

Making a backup

Outlook Problems

                    Outlook Account Setup

This problem sometimes occurs when you upgrade to Outlook 2013; therefore you’ll need to recreate the account in the new installation. The 2013 version uses a different IMAP file type – OST. The backup file doesn’t convert well every time, which is why you have the problem.

One way to make sure that you get all of it across, is to export it before the upgrade. Use the Open & Export tab inside the File menu, and after exporting, note down your account’s settings and then, delete it using the Remove button.

Just use these same settings when configuring anew, in Outlook 2013. Import the data from the backup you made from the older version of the client; that’s all there is to a successful setup.

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Solving Outlook Issues In Your Computer

Outlook Problems And Help

           Microsoft Outlook Help

In case you have been trying to solve issues with Outlook on the computer and increase the productivity of the same, read on to know more. Even though the internet has plenty of articles that claim to be simple to follow, you need to know some of the cons of following the same. Most of the Outlook problems and help for the same are not as simple as you think. For instance, you might find solutions that might help you repair lost data, but may not be easy to follow.

With a brief research on the web with the number of complaints and requests for help, it is seen that PST file corruption is the leading issue in Microsoft. This however would recover password-protected files, which is a known fact for many. It is said that this also lets you create unique profiles for every PST file. You might be surprised to get to know some of the hidden facts, read on to know more. You might come up with different questions like, can they be used as backup tools or many more similar questions.

When you are about to make a move to solve issues with Outlook, it will not be long before you realize that other users are also facing similar issues. There are plenty of sources available, which can help you with Outlook problems. It is not necessary that all these methods should work compulsorily. Some of the methods that worked on your computer need not work on another computer. There might be certain limitations for every method, which becomes less successful in other computers.

Outlook data

         Microsoft Outlook Issues

Most of the issues that users face in Outlook are PST corruption and most of them have tried to utilize the Scanpst.exe utility for fixing them. This is one of the most successful utility, which has solved most of the Outlook problems and help avoiding further issues. It can scan and fix corrupt files. This utility also has the ability to fix issues when Outlook does not respond and refuses to open.

Apart from Scanpst.exe, there are many other utilities available to fix Outlook problems. Some of which are paid while some are free. In cases when scanpst.exe does not help, the best way to fix the issue would be to re install Outlook. In case you do not have a back up of the inbox, then there are chances for loss of Outlook data.

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Simple Method To Address Outlook Problems Due To Corrupted PST Files

Built-In Outlook Tool


If you receive the error message ‘Errors have been detected in the file Outlook.pst’ when you attempt to open an email message in your Outlook application, be sure that your PST file has been corrupted. According to experts, PST file corruption is the major culprit behind a number of Outlook problems. The issue will persist until you repair or replace the corrupted PST file. Other common error messages you might be receiving when the PST files get corrupted are ‘PST has reached the maximum size limit’ or ‘the file Outlook.pst could not be found’. Here are some simple methods to repair corrupted PST files in Microsoft Outlook.

Execute Inbox Repair tool (Scanpst.exe)

The first method you can work out when your Outlook PST files get corrupted is the execution of the Inbox Repair Tool. It is a built-in Outlook tool that is also known as Scanpst.exe. When you execute Scanpst.exe, it will scan your Outlook application and detect all corrupted PST files. You will then be prompted to repair or replace the corrupted files. All it takes is just a couple of minutes. You can find the simple instructions to execute Scanpst.exe below.


  • Locate Scanpst.exe on your PC. Go to Run command window and type scanpst.exe in the blank field. Click the Enter button to proceed. When the result is displayed, double-click Scanpst.exe to open it.
  • When the Scanpst.exe is launched, choose the PST files to scan. Use the Browse option to locate the files. PST files are stored in the system directory.
  • After selecting the PST files, select the Start button. This will scan the PST files and warn you if any errors are found. You can decide now whether to repair or replace the files. If you don’t care about losing the data you have in Outlook, it is better to replace the files.
  • Once the files are repaired, you can store them in a specific folder. Again, navigate to the Browse button and specify the folder where you wish to store the repaired PST files.
  • If you want Outlook to back up your PST files, tick the checkbox before Make backup of scanned file before repairing.
  • Once you are done, restart your Outlook application.

    Outlook Problems

    Inbox Repair Tool

You must have successfully resolved the Outlook problems resulting from corrupted PST files. If you are unsure about working out the above method, get in touch with our Outlook tech support team.

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