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Microsoft is one of the much loved email application used by millions of people. Being the favorite of corporate and other industry giants, Microsoft Outlook offers various features and functions that make emailing quite easy. Outlook offers various tools to assist the user. However, you might get frustrated when they fail to function as intended. If using these tools were quite essential in your daily life, you would definitely wish to fix Outlook problems that cause these issues.

Saving an appointment is one such problem faced by a few users. While trying to save an appointment, they might face difficulty as the corrupt files would interfere with the function and will not permit you to save the appointment. Fixing this requires your concentration and skill, as you will have to change even the essential files and other attributes of Outlook. Making a few changes to some missing characters will help you to save an appointment in Outlook. If you are ready, let us take a look.


  • You can click on the Start button on your desktop and click Run and then type adsiedit.msc. Now you can click the OK button.
  • You can select Domains and this will expand the ADSIEDIT window. The next step is to expand dc=domain, dc=com. Along with this, you could also expand OU of the user.
  • Now you can right click CN=Full name of the user and from the pop up options; choose Properties.
  • From the Attributes list, you can select legacyExchangeDN and click Edit.
  • You need to check that the values are exactly the same :

    Attributes Of Outlook

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/o=OrganizationName/ou=First Administrative Group/cn=Recipients/cn=username.

The error in saving appointment occurred due to the missing of cn before username.

  • You can click OK, then click OK once again, and close the ADSIEDIT window.
  • Now you may open Microsoft Outlook and try to create a new appointment and save the same on your calendar. Now check whether the appointment is saved.

Following the above steps will help you to fix Outlook problems with saving appointment in Outlook. The steps are simple enough. You can now understand that a single missing character could affect the performance of an application. However, Outlook has a solution for all the errors and problems. If you find the above steps difficult to follow or if they are not solving your problem, you may contact the technical support team of Microsoft to fix the same.

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Methods To Fix Unable To Send Email Error In Outlook

Outlook Problems And Help

Features Of Outlook

Most of you might have used Outlook email client for sending and receiving emails. Even though Outlook is considered as one of the best email clients, it can sometimes give many troubles to the user. According to Outlook problems and help center, one such trouble is the failure to send an email. When you try to send the email, you might receive an error message and the email stays in the Outbox of the program. In this post, we will find out how to fix this issue.

Send another email

You need to find out whether the issue is with this particular email or all other emails. For this, send a test email to your account. If you receive this email in the account, you can conclude that the issue is associated only with a particular mail. Sometimes, the large attachment in the email is causing the trouble. Therefore, compress the attachment using any of the tools and then send the email. However, if you are unable to send any emails, the issue could be with any of the settings of the program or any of the add-ons in it.

Check settings

This is one of the first steps you should carry out, when the issue is not associated with a particular email. Click the option Tools in the program and choose Account Settings. From the list of configured email accounts, choose the one from which you are unable to send the emails and click the button Change. This will take you to the window for Change E-mail Account, where you will see the different Outlook settings for the account. Verify if the settings match with the settings provided by your email service provider. Keep in mind that even a small change in any of the settings like incoming server, outgoing server or port numbers could make the program fail to send or receive messages.

Email Clients

Fix Outlook Problems

Start in safe mode

Launching Outlook in safe mode is one of the techniques to find out whether the issue is associated with a particular add-on. For this, select the Run window and type Outlook /safe. This opens Outlook in safe mode. Try to send the email again. If you are successful, remove add-ons one by one from the program and find the one causing trouble.

We hope that this Outlook problems and help section has assisted you in fixing the ‘unable to send email’ error in the program. For further assistance, you may contact our technical support team.

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About The Synchronization Problems In Outlook Exchange Mailbox

Outlook Problems

        About Outlook Synchronization Problems

MS Outlook can be used as the mail client for your Exchange Server account. The Outlook folders in your mail client will be synchronized with the Exchange Server folders, and you will be updated on all the corporate contacts and calendar events accessible from your account. However, some of the Outlook problems reported about the use of Exchange Server accounts in the mail account have to do with synchronisation errors.

Dealing with the Outlook Exchange Server account synchronization errors

This means that the Outlook folders in your laptop or mobile device are not being updated regularly, because of connection problems with the Exchange Server online. You can check this easily by right clicking on any of the Outlook folders and selecting the Sync option from the menu.

Now, this will display synchronisation statistics for that particular folder. It will have information about the last sync date and time, and details on the items present in the online and offline account folders. This will make it clear whether this folder is correctly synchronised with the online Exchange Server folder.

If Outlook problems like synchronisation errors are happening, then there might be some connection problems with the Exchange Server at your end. So, check if the Outlook settings you entered during the account setup are indeed correct. If not, then make the necessary changes. If the issue has something to do with the poor connectivity in your laptop or mobile phone, then you need to rectify this first.

Micro SD Card

           Contact Outlook Support

If you cannot find anything wrong at your end, contact the System Administrator and ask if they are having any problems at theirs. Their server might be having technical problems, resulting in a service outage. Your mail client will be able to synchronise correctly with the Exchange folders, when the server comes back online.

If you are using a mobile device for accessing the Exchange Server account, you should check the device memory every now and then. If the device memory is too low, the MS Outlook application might not be able to synchronise completely. Delete or archive the old mail messages, or use a separate micro SD card to fix this problem.

These are just some of the problems that might be affecting the Outlook synchronisation process with the Exchange Server. After all this, if you are still seeing the same problem, contact the Outlook support personnel for assistance.

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What To Do When Outlook 2007 Is Too Slow To Connect To The Exchange Server

Outlook Problems

         Outlook Issues

9 out of 10 times, inability to connect or a poor connection with the Microsoft Exchange server owes to problems in your internet connection. The Microsoft Outlook application is rarely the cause of this issue.

The only solution to solving this problem is to speed up your Internet connection or reduce the bandwidth consumption. Making sure required bandwidth is available for Microsoft Outlook ensures a proper connection with the Microsoft Exchange server at all times.

Inability to connect to the Windows Exchange Server because the internet connection is too slow cannot be qualified as one of Outlook problems. However, here’s what you have to do to increase the bandwidth.

  • Close any software that may be burning up a large amount of bandwidth. Closing this would ensure Microsoft Outlook gets enough bandwidth to establish and maintain connection with Windows Exchange Server.
  • If you are maintaining an insecure Wireless network, put a password immediately. If you are running an insecure internet connection, anybody can access internet using your network and burn away a lot of bandwidth. If you are unsure how to put a password on your router, check the documentation that came with your router or consult the official website of your router manufacturer.
  • Depending on your neighborhood, you might see drastic changes in internet before and after peak time. This is because the internet provider allocates a certain bandwidth to a localized area. If every user is online at the same time, the entire bandwidth is throttled resulting in slow internet for every user. Unfortunately, the only way to mitigate this is to either run your system during off-peak hours or change your internet network providers.

    Bandwidth Is Throttled

                  Outlook Slow

  • Older connections, like dial-up Internet, will not provide enough bandwidth for applications like Microsoft Outlook to connect to Windows Exchange Server. If you are running a dial-up internet connection, you might consider upgrading your internet connection to a faster one. A reliable and fast internet connection is needed to enjoy all the features of your personal computer!
  • You can disable Windows Auto-updates and instead run it manually when your system is not in use. Once the auto-update feature is disabled, it is entirely your responsibility to keep your system updated. These auto-updates feature important security updates that should not be delayed.

If you come across any other Outlook Problems, feel free to contact our technical staff!

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Microsoft 365 Goes Down!

Outlook Problems

Outlook Outage

Outlook problems abound, but recently there’s been more than everyone’s fair share doled out. According to posts from Twitter and various other forums, Microsoft has been suffering from widespread outage recently. Several features of Microsoft Corporation, which includes Office 365 cloud service, came to a complete halt according to The Washington Post. The problem lasted the entire day.

Although Microsoft acknowledged the outage on its Twitter feed and the official help forum, Microsoft refused to return calls to media outlets with more information. However, the Service Status Dashboard states that everything is running normally, almost mocking the Microsoft service users.

Microsoft seems to be having problems with the Exchange Online service, according to Microsoft Corporation’s Office 365 Twitter account. The tweet even mentions engineers are working on creating a solution to fix the problem. This outage affects Enterprise customers, who compose a major source of income to Microsoft, since the service allows them to operate their contacts, calendars and email services.

Concerned users took to isitdownrightnow, a website that lets you know if the server is down and from which end. Although this service was able to successfully ping (establish contact with) Microsoft Office 365 and reach the server, over 60 users mentioned the service was having issues over the previous few hours. However, downrightnow, another similar service, reported potential problems with Microsoft Corporation’s LiveJournal. With no proper channel for communication and Microsoft’s continued silence, users took to complaining over Facebook and Twitter about Outlook problems.

Network Routing Infrastructure

Outlook Problem

This is the second service outage recently. Microsoft’s communication service Lync faced severe outage. This was a widespread issue with the company blaming Network routing infrastructure as the root cause of the problem.

Even though there was no word from Microsoft when the service was down, corporate vice president of Office 365 engineering, Rajesh Jha issued an apology saying “I want to apologize on behalf of the Office 365 team for the impact and inconvenience this has caused. Email and real-time communications are critical to your business, and my team and I fully recognize our accountability and responsibility as your partner and service provider.”

This outage will come as bad news for the sales of Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure, and other cloud based application whose main selling point is that customers need not worry about maintaining and servicing On-premises servers and patching applications. If the Microsoft service goes down, the entire enterprise will grind to a complete halt.

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